Hi I’m Ian Berry. Thank You for visiting.

Due to changes unforeseen when I first created this website 16 years ago this domain will soon cease to exist and therefore I have a new website.

Please visit my new website www.ianberry.biz And please note my new email address ian@ianberry.biz

This forced change was a challenge initially until I realised it was a great opportunity to reimagine my business. We are prepared to change. We are not prepared to be changed. Therein lies significant opportunity is my story of what happened next.

I believe that regardless of our product/s/service/s we are all in the change business. You?

I also believe that all change is personal first, relationship change second, and organisational change a distant third. You?

Should you believe this too you’re the 1 in every 100 people. You’re my kind of person. I honour your resilience for that’s what it takes to stand out from the crowd. The 99 when they talk about change actually mean everyone else changing and not them!

Helping the 1 in 100 to be change champions is my business.

Should this summary of a recent talk I gave for HUB Australia resonate with you we should talk.

“As a mentor to me and my family members who lead and manage our businesses Ian Berry has made a significant difference to our personal and business success including our 570% growth in just under 5 years.”
Peter Taylor, CEO Townsend Building Services

If the challenges of change are keeping you awake at night I can help you to thrive on the challenges of change and guarantee you will succeed in the change/s you lead. As a first step please check out my clients home by viewing the slideshare below.

And then

Most of social-media is anti-social. Smart technology is outsmarting most people.

Technology platforms can be useful in maintaining our visibility, credibility, adding value in advance of relationships and to current relationships.

I post on some social-media platforms for these reasons, including those via the share button on the left plus those below.

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As Biz Stone the co-founder of Twitter says “Humanity first, technology second.”

I share everything I have to offer via my blog

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